Organised Event Calendar

Commencing 1st January 2021

- Singles Box Leagues (monthly)

- Saturday 16th January - American Tournament

- Saturday 13th February - Valentines American Tournament

- Saturday 20th March - Winter Finals

- Saturday 21st March - Winter Finals reserve day (weather)

- Sunday 4th April - Easter Sunday Morning Social

- Saturday 24th April - Dennis Sorrel Opening Day Tournament

- Sunday 16th May - Morning Social

- Saturday 5th June - Captain's Day

- Saturday 3rd July - Wimbledon Themed American Tournament

- Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th September - Summer Finals

- Saturday 11th September - Summer Finals reserve day (weather)

- Saturday 30th October - Halloween American Tournamenet

Regular Tennis Calendar

These events and sessions occur most weeks. Please see the key at the bottom for more information. Click to enlarge.


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